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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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Forgot to take backup of your essential files before formatting?

If this is the case, then at this moment you must be really puzzled and frustrated which is quite common. But do you know that even after formatting the entire drive you can actually recover the lost files? Yes, you heard that right. The data lost after formatting can be recovered because of the fact that it was not actually deleted off the drive. When you format a particular storage medium, it only removes the access pointers of the existing data and declares the memory space as available for reuse. However, if you can employ a proper recovery process before the lost data gets overwritten, then you can completely recover them back.

Have you ever encountered with an error message like unformat drive or drive not formatted in Windows computer? Whenever file system gets corrupt or hard drive crashes, these error messages are quite common. Since all files and folders kept in your computer will be stored in hard drive, flashing such error messages at its access is like heart breaking. Generally virus or malware infection or abrupt computer reboot makes your hard drive inaccessible. As we all store all our personal data or professional information in computer, losing of such files might leads to critical problem.

Formatting can be done intentionally or unintentionally. But data loss occurs when you do not have sufficient backup files to restore the formatted data. In such scenarios, if you want to unformat drive to retrieve the formatted data, then you can make use of formatted drive recovery software. This software supports data recovery from various storage device types both on Windows and Macintosh based computers. You can even unformat drive errors which are generally encountered when the file system of a drive is corrupted.

For all your data loss related problems, formatted drive recovery software plays a significant role in bringing back your lost files without harming the stored information. One can recover external hard drive, USB drives and restore lost files using data recovery software even after getting unformatted drive error. Data recovery software performs an in-depth scan of the storage drive and retrieves the lost files from the stored sector. This utility also recover data from formatted WD MyBook and also other brands of hard drives like Segate, Samsung, Sony, Buffalo and Iomega. Even a novice user can recover all his deleted or lost files using data recovery software with the absence of complications. It has the capability to undelete data from Transcend memory card and various other memory cards like SD card, SDHC, SDXC, Secure Digital, miniSD, micro SD, etc. In addition to hard drive, one can also run this tool to undelete data from USB drive and external drive to restore files after unformatted drive error.If you have accidentally formatted your Mac hard drive then also no need to worry!!! You can use Mac version of this software to recover data from formatted Mac HDD with utmost ease. You just need to download free demo version of this application for Macintosh operating system.

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Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)

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Unformatieren Drive | Unformat Disque | Di Unformat Guidare | Unformat La Conducir | Unformat Kør | 非格式化 驱动 | アンフォーマットドライブ

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